Are their requirements to qualify for a Milestonz Credit Account?

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a verifiable income
  • Valid Picture ID
  • Just $30 Down

How will this account help in my National Credit Rating?

Unlike most jewelry store accounts, Milestonz Jewelers reports on a monthly basis to all 3 Major Credit Bureaus(Trans-Union, Experian, and Equifax). This account reports as a Major Revolving Credit Line unlike a Minor Installment account the typical jeweler offers. This has a much greater impact on your National Credit Scores!

What if my credit is bad or I have had a bankruptcy?

Milestonz Jewelers guarantees credit to everyone…regardless of their credit situation. At Milestonz Jewelers we believe in offering second, third, even fourth chances to individuals who seriously want to better their credit. Just because you have less then perfect credit doesn’t mean you’re a bad risk, but perhaps just bad circumstances…right?

How much will my payments be?

Your payment amount will be based on the purchase amount. You can start building credit today for as little as $25 every two weeks. At Milestonz Jewelers, no payment amount will be set that sets you up for failure…your success is our goal!

When will my payments be due?

Milestonz Jewelers is so serious about your success that you get to set your own payment due dates. We can even customize your payments to coincide with your pay periods.

Do I need to come into the store to make my payments?

Absolutely not! You can pay by phone at no charge using your Check Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. You can even set your payments up automatically taking away the situation of delinquency all together.

Can I make future purchases using this account?

Great question! The answer is absolutely. After activation, your account will be reviewed every 90 days and the credit limit increased $300…that’s a $1200 increase every year…up to $10,000. This is just another advantage Milestonz offers in building your credit.

Can I trade-in prior purchases?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you in doing so. Milestonz offers a lifetime trade-in on all purchases (excluding watches). You can start your account with just $30 down and small payments. Afterward, as your credit limit increases, you simply upgrade your previous purchase. The original retail price you paid will be applied to your upgrade. So you can build your item and your credit at the same time…isn’t that great!

Does Milestonz Jewelers have a merchandise guarantee?

Milestonz Jewelers offers a lifetime warranty on all purchases! This includes stone replacement, discount sizing, rhodium, settings, prongs or re-tipping, shanks, and replacement or exchange if any defect is detected. Milestonz Jewelers will always make it right!

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